How To Decide If You're Ready For The Cloud

How To Decide If You’re Ready For The Cloud

The idea of migrating existing computing and/or storage processes to the cloud or creating new processes and functions in a cloud environment is a decision organizations will soon be forced to make if they have not made it already.

There are just too many advantages offered by cloud based solutions, with most new technological capabilities functioning in a cloud environment. The ability to have resource scalability completed by a third-party can potentially be a cost-effective option for an organization. It does seem that there could be a group or segmented population that would actually thrive by continuing to house and maintain their own computing and storage equipment. These individuals or organizations may decide to stay away from the cloud but that may not be the smarter business option long-term.

It is apparent that the cloud, although not really anything new, has become the go-to option for heavy-duty, frequent and infrequent, application and system processing. There have been recent attempts, many successful, at obtaining confidential data stored in the cloud which makes us wonder how this increasingly growing environment is consistently targeted but yet continues to thrive. It is only comparable to traditional computing processes where a vulnerability is usually exposed before it can be determined how to properly handle it and subsequently prevent it.


There is an abundance of cloud service providers that are eager to capitalize on the rise of usability and exposure of cloud computing services possibly at the tune of sloppy security policies or discreet pointless functionality inclusion requirements. This “over-saturated” market can cause confusion and frustration for a small business or non-profit organization’s IT team when they do not possess the knowledge of cloud migration/creation processes.

Free cloud services are nice and usually sufficient for the average user’s personal needs.


It doesn’t require a lot of research to see that cloud migration can and most likely will be the more advantageous and competitive technology solution for current environments. When approaching this idea from an organizational or business perspective, it is important that staff or responsible individuals are trained through managed programs where thorough and detailed requirements of their role are addressed and assigned. throughout, there are risks and advantages of cloud migration and is no specific list will fit each unique situation.

It is not an occurrence where smaller businesses are put in a cloud or bust type situations but rather they are afforded the option to sensibly move certain services to the cloud while continuing to operate others on-premises. An approach which focuses on segmented migration with gradually increasing exposure or service following careful and strategic planning at all organizational levels is advised.

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