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The Task

With a branding system that had recently been updated and a home-grown website that started getting lost with fast moving competitors – HOPE Farm saw the need for an updated, relevant digital brand and online presence. The goal was to build a stronger sense of trust with existing supporters and have a more appealing and engaging experience for new program participants, volunteers and supporters.

The Approach

We began with a detailed peek into their current digital brand and without diverting too far from what was already established, we built on top of the successful foundation currently existent. After conducting executive team interviews and understanding the donor journey and participant personas, we set out to develop a strong updated digital brand and a high experience high engagement website.

Once you identify your client’s needs, give them exactly what they’re looking for – and more.

Brand Updates

HOPE Farm had an identifiable brand that didn’t need any major rework, however we were able to refine the brand by defining typography and color selections that they can use to tell their story more consistently.

Web Design

With a mobile first approach, HOPE Farm’s new site has an attractive landing page, full experiential photography and integration with a powerful Content Management System back-end where they can keep track of any submissions and make improvements.


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