Why Responsive Web Design Should Be Standard

Why Responsive Web Design Should Be Standard

It’s time we moved from selling to educating.

Recent Progression.

5 years ago, Ethan Marcotte’s theoretical article on Responsive Web Design trended and eventually ended up being exceedingly relevant and applicable.

Earlier this year, web search giant Google, essentially made Mr. Marcotte’s theory a best practice when they decided to begin penalizing sites who were not “mobile-friendly”, increasing search engine ranking placement.

In some extreme cases, these non mobile-friendly sites had their indexes removed all together.

A few weeks back we offered some helpful insights into best practices for Responsive Web Design and the overall need for its existence in today’s computing environments.

The Result.

Many sites that exist today were developed prior to more defined responsive best practices being realized and standardized. This helps provide clarity into why these sites seem so poorly designed all of a sudden.

In light of the recent search engine and browsing changes and the assumption that other search engines will soon follow Google, it’s high time responsive web design became a standard inclusion. No, not a “mobile” version of the site that looks completely different included as an additional feature for an additional fee. And not even a responsively designed site as a premium offering. We’re talking a website which scales and adjusts based on the user’s viewing screen size and developed with an overall, mobile first mindset.

Let’s Educate.

Recent searches have uncovered a plethora of design/development firms who are offering responsive website design as an add-on or upgrade. This seems to be a play on recent trends in an attempt to market clients who may not have a good understanding of the term or what it encompasses.

Clients may be unaware of the need for scalable web design and how it can affect their overall reach within their target market. It is our duty to ensure clients are provided the details needed to understand why they need a site that is device agnostic.


Why Responsive Design Should Be Standard

“Responsive web design should be standard, not an added feature.”


What is really gained from not educating your clients on current web design & development best practices based on their specific needs? Be the expert that you are and create a trusting relationship with those seeking your services by making known the best possible solutions for them.

Let’s make a commitment to move away from this recent trend and it’s use as a marketing tactic. At this point, it’s just the right thing to do!

Do you include responsive design as part of your standard offerings? Why or why not? Let us a know by commenting below!

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